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Shearling Sheepskin
Paint Rollers
Fibre by Auskin also make car seat liners for the automotive industry
Seat Liners
Fibre by Auskin manufacture car seat liners for both adults and infants
Sheepskin - Twinface
Clothing and Footwear
Alpaca Plates

Fibre by Auskin offers you a range of sheepskin manufacturing materials processed to capture the qualities you need in shearling and long wool skins as well as Alpaca plates.

The unique strengths of Auskin’s sheepskin manufacturing processes are available to you – whether you represent a large organisation or small enterprise – in the form of purpose-perfect shearling and sheepskin manufacturing materials. We work closely with our customers, skin suppliers, and dye suppliers, to source appropriate skins and tan them in a way that reflects manufacturing needs, desired end use, local market dynamics and your specific requirements.

Shearling Short Wool

Shearling Short Wool Manufacturing Materials: including shorn lamb skins, car seat manufacturing material, shearling buffer material (specifically tanned to enhance the density, wear and absorption characteristics needed), twinface skins for footwear and footwear lining material.


Long Wool Skin Manufacturing Materials: including duster material (specifically tanned to preserve natural density and fineness, and enhance natural lanolins for better dust gathering) and premium quality Australasian lamb skins (selected for the softness, density and wool luster required for quality home accessories).

Wool Facts

We pride ourselves on our ability to source and process sheepskin materials that will satisfy all your manufacturing requirements: long wool, short wool, shorn wool / shearling and twinface. Available in a wide range of colours from vibrant fashion shades to more subdued natural hues.

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