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Alpaca Soft Toys
Luxurious Alpaca Rugs
Alpaca & Wool Toys
Alpaca Design Rugs
Bed Underlays
Natural Sheepskin Rugs
Alpaca Wool
Select Range of Alpaca Scarves

Fibre by Auskin brings you an exciting range of souvenir products available in New Zealand and Australia.

Made from the softest high quality sheepskin and alpaca fibres ensuring a superior tactile touch – designed to delight both adults and children.

Cuddly Soft Toys

Our toys look just like the real thing. They have exquisite details and are incredibly soft to touch and snuggle up to. Welcome a new cuddly member to your family and let your kids enjoy the chance to play with that irresistible new friend in the toy box.

Our toys have passed the most rigorous cuddle-testing with top marks!

Exotic Alpaca Design Rugs & Scarves

Alpaca fleece is a luxurious, soft and silky fibre. Fibre by Auskin has styled a range of elegant Design Rugs for every taste. Our scarves are handwoven by families from the island of Amantaní on Lake Titicaca, on looms that produce only eight exquisite scarves a day. Craftspeople who have worked with alpaca fibres for centuries offer you the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique scarf, handcrafted by time-honoured techniques from one of nature’s purest fibres – 100% baby alpaca.

Natural Sheepskin Rugs and Underlays

Our natural sheepskin rugs are classic pieces essential for any home. Carefully crafted by an elite expert and available in a range of colours designed to add a touch of luxurious texture and softness to your living spaces.

Discover a superior quality of comfort in your sleep with our plush range of bed underlays. The best quality wool and careful attention to detail make these underlays the royale of bed comfort products.

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