We understand the vital role that colour plays in your everyday life.

Colours connect to our feelings in a unique and memorable way: they have a powerful effect on us. That is why we strive to work with you and our diverse range of customers around the world to provide colour palettes that meet as many individual requirements as possible. Immerse yourself in the wide spectrum of hues that are available in the Fibre by Auskin colour range.

Fibre by Auskin Longwool Neutral Colour Range

Neutral colours are the building blocks of our colour range. Start with these to create the core of your colour selection system. For the full range of all colours across the different sheepskin wool types please contact our sales team.

longwool-neutrals-lightLongwool Neutrals - Dark

Fibre by Auskin Longwool Blues, Greens and Yellows Colour Range

Longwool BluesLongwool Greens and Yellows

Fibre by Auskin Longwool Pinks, Reds and Purples Colour Range

Longwool Pinkslongwool-reds-purples

Fibre by Auskin Shortwool Curly Colour Range


Fibre by Auskin Longwool Curly Colour Range


Fibre by Auskin Shearling / Shorn Colour Range

Shearling / Australian Shortwool - LightShearling / Australian Shortwool - Light

Fibre by Auskin Tibetan Sheepskin Colour Range


Fibre by Auskin Alpaca Colour Range


Fibre by Auskin Icelandic Sheepskin Colour Range

Icelandic PlainIcelandic Darks

Colour Information

Colour Variations

Please note that colours that are viewed in print or on various computer monitors and devices may vary from actual delivered colours.

All of our products are made from a natural materials, so colours may differ a little from dye lot to dye lot. We have to work with nature and sometimes this means that it has the upper hand.

Wool Textures & Dyeing

We have different colour ranges for each of our sheepskin textures (long wools, shorn, curlies etc.). Wool textures reflect the light in unique ways and this changes the dyed shades ever so slightly from one wool type to another.

Dyeing natural fibres has its challenges and when we have wool and leather combined in one sheepskin it is quite a task to ensure colour performance. So be sure to check out the Easy Sheepskin Care and Sheepskin FAQ sections.

Colour Ranges

We stock different colour ranges in each of our warehouses to suit local colour preferences, but we can bring in anything from our wider colour range if required. There are just lead times and a few trading terms and conditions to be aware of.

Fibre by Auskin bring out new colours seasonally. Complementing our core neutral shades, these vibrant colours provide accents that move with the latest interior colour trends.

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